Google Nexus 7 tablet coupon code
Google Nexus 7 coupon codes and the power new Android tablet

google nexus 7 coupon codesWhile still waiting on Kindle Fire 2 was born, iPad mini has not yet been announced, Surface are also up to the racks, Google Nexus 7 still doing the rain as the wind and is hot for those who want to shop this computer table.

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Such attractiveness of the tablet? Invite readers to join we learn through the review below.

Prices and configurations

Special thing and also the most attractive gas talking about child hardcopy tablet first Google’s price. Rate the month on cheap table computer segment is also a lot of potential and directly compete with Kindle Fire of Larry Page as to publicly challenge the post by Amazon through offering the same price: 200 USD. The actual sale price in the American market, Google Nexus 7 is also close to $ 250!

The configuration of the computer table cheap also has “magic” not least as the price is follows:

-Quad core processors 1.2 Ghz speed.
-1 GB of RAM.
-Monitor 7 inches for a resolution of 800x1280 pixels.
-Internal memory is 8 GB and 16 GB respectively.

Can say the configuration of the Nexus 6 is amazing when compared to Kindle Fire rates and superior in every way.

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Sensors are designed

But reflect the tablet cheap but the design of the tablet is not inexpensive but very delicate, for sure. Skirting board rounded evenly as well as aggressive down in the back makes sense when used either very comfortable.

Overall, there’s not much worth complaining to the design of the Google Nexus 7 especially when we set out to compare the price of it. Can say in price range, Google Nexus 7 is one of the most complete design, best.


The screen of the Google Nexus 7 to bring impressive. Equipped with 7-inch IPS monitor for standard HD 1280 x 800 pixel resolution is higher than the other tables. Nexus 7 for quality display. brightness 400 nit at best reached through which I can save battery power by reducing display brightness while assuring the quality of the show.

Operating system

Google Nexus 7 uses Android OS 4.1 Google’s latest. This is exactly the point that make the difference between a tablet with Android tablet brothers.


Extremely good performance, the ability to download applications quickly, the tab work smart and neat, brought to the maximum convenience for the user, which is not a browser can do.


Equipped with relatively large capacity battery more than 4400 mAh, Google Nexus 7 time use is quite good. With Wi-Fi connection enabled 100%, the brightness to auto and push mail constantly surfing the web with a few times in fairly long time, the tablet 7 inch Google can work closer to 2 days without charging. It’s difficult may require more than a single tablet so cheap.


With Google Nexus 7, now We make you also understood to be somewhat the pros and cons of the tablet. It’s hard to conclude on a tablet like the Nexus 7 functions, so please be to the readers decide whether the information in the article, you should buy the 7 inch PC table or not?

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Google Nexus 7 tablet coupon code - Google Nexus 7 tablet threat Kindle Fire

You’re looking to buy a computer with the configuration table Google Nexus 7, price cheap, relatively high profile, the new operating system much improved over all is worthwhile and utilize content, music, movies, books, magazines, application and game Play from Google. We’ll help you buy the Google Nexus 1 at a price cheaper than the price at the shop by Google Nexus 7 discount codes below:

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Google Nexus 7 tablet threat Kindle Fire

At the event i/o takes place in San Francisco (USA), Google has unveiled “device ideal for reading books” for $ 200 USD for the 8 GB, 16 GB and 250 DOLLARS for the will be sold immediately mid July.

Nexus 7 IPS screen 7 inch 1,280 x 800 pixels with intensity, 1.2 megapixel front camera, 1 GB RAM, battery mAh 4,325 (continuous video playback support 9 hours). Product size 198.5 x 120 x 340 mm, weight only 10.45 grams, a standard Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC n (Android Beam), microUSB port, microphone.

A price equivalent, Google device is equipped with many features more attractive compared to Kindle Fire and promises would threaten “position of an Android tablet manufacturer in the world” by Amazon.

Quad core chip Tegra products running, 12 3 graphics GPU and operating system Android 4.1. Jelly Bean This is the operating system will render quickly forget about Ice Cream Sandwich with interesting features such as predictive fingers touching where users are going on display to respond faster or voice recognition applications can operate offline to send text, e-mails while on the plane … With the support of accelerometer and gyro, Nexus 7 as a gaming tool.

Google Tablet equipped with default browser is Chrome, YouTube application for Tablet PCs altogether new and this is the device designed for Google Play with content is always located in the Center. Google Maps has added offline feature, users can save the entire map of a city.

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